Samantha Barthel, Senior Project Director

Samantha Barthel serves as a Senior Project Director at National Research Inc, acting as a senior contributor on all research projects, including polls and focus groups.

Samantha is responsible for executing targeted sample frames and locating media markets and regional breaks in each district she works in, as well as contributing to the drafting of questionnaires. She works closely with clients for National Research to help ensure their goals are achieved.

Samantha is also responsible for the creation of crosstabulations and verbatim response reports and creates intuitive topline reports for each poll. She also facilitates the creation of PowerPoint presentations for each project she is involved with.

Samantha joined National Research in 2018 and has worked  on various polls for the NRCC, RGA and other clients across the country. In 2018, she also assisted on Senatorial and various Congressional polls and focus groups across New Jersey.

An alumna of Monmouth University with a Masters in Public Policy, Samantha previously served as the Director of Constituent Affairs for former New Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck and Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon. During her time at the high volume legislative office, she was able to familiarize herself with the role and functions of New Jersey State government, while the time she spent in graduate school is when she found her desire to pursue policy and data analysis.

When Samantha is not enjoying the fruits of politics, she enjoys cooking, abnormally spicy food, the beach, and taking naps on Sunday afternoons. Monmouth County is not where she originates from, but it has become a place she has grown to love and one she now calls home.

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