Jennifer Munro, Operations Manager

Jennifer Munro

Jennifer Munro is the Operations Manager at National Research Inc.

She has been involved in every aspect of National Research’s field  operations, including: sample acquisition, sample frame and questionnaire design, and scheduling all research projects.  She serves as the primary contact person for National Research to our field and data facilities around the country. 

Jennifer serves as the senior staff analyst for research reports, including preparing detailed PowerPoint slide decks for each project.  Where warranted, she will include advanced statistical treatments such as regression, CHAID, conjoint and cluster analysis.  

Jennifer also manages all recruitment and fielding of our qualitative research, including on-site and online focus groups. She is the senior liaison to the field facilities we partner with nationwide. In addition, she assists with discussion guides and post-group reports, and has been known to moderate groups as needed.

She has been a part of the National Research team since 2009, where she assisted on polling for Governor Chris Christie’s campaign for Governor.  In 2012 she served as project manager for a series of Independent Expenditure Polls for various Super-PACs. In 2014, she worked closely with the RGA as project director for their polling with NRI. Most recently, she managed National Research’ s polling operations for Donald J. Trump for President in the integral states of Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin. 

She resides in Freehold, New Jersey with her husband and daughter.

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