Majority of American Voters Know at Least One Hidden Trump Supporter; View Media as Sometimes Unfair to POTUS.

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The following analysis is based on a national survey of 1,000 registered voters conducted by National Research Inc. on June 1-3, 2018. The margin of error for this survey is +/- 3.1% at the 95% confidence interval.   The survey is 35% Democrat, 31% Republican and 34% Independent/Other.  Of the 1,000 surveys, 600 were conducted via live telephone interviews (50% landline and 50% cell phone) and 400 were conducted via online data collection, for a mixed mode methodology.  National Research Inc. is a Republican polling firm whose clients include elected officials and candidates throughout the country, the Republican Governors Association, the Republican National Committee, America First Policies and the Donald J. Trump for President campaign.  For more information, please contact Adam Geller at or (732) 817-1088 or @adamhgeller on twitter.

In our most recent national survey, we asked 1,000 registered voters if they agree or disagree with the following statement:   “I know at least one person who actually likes what President Trump is doing, but they don’t say so publicly because they don’t want to be confronted or attacked by those who dislike him.”

We found that an astonishing 55% agree with this statement.  According to our crosstabs, almost 7 in 10 Republicans (68%) agree with this statement.   But perhaps most consequentially, over half of Independents (51%)  agree.   Agreement is even high among  Democrats (44% agree) and progressives (48% agree).

Hidden Trump Support

Here are the crosstabs to this question:

Unfair Media

One reason that might explain WHY some voters choose to remain hidden?   The media. In the survey, 57% believe that the major news organizations sometimes treat the President unfairly. 

Here is the question wording and crosstabs:

Note some of the highlights from the crosstabs:

  • 68% of Independents believe the media is sometimes unfair to the President.
  • 54% of women believe the media is sometimes unfair to the President – including 65% of Independent women.
  • Almost half of all moderates and over a third of progressives believe the media is sometimes unfair to this President.

The Bottom  Line

In 2016, one of the reasons that President Trump won the Presidential election was because of American voters who may not have been loud in their support, but they came out and they voted for him.   Those same voters (and more) are still supportive – and still silent.

An ongoing problem we have in our nation is that all of us are becoming less tolerant of opinions that do not match our own.   This is manifested every day when Trump supporters are denigrated as racists, Nazis and deplorables.  And it doesn’t just come from progressives, or “antifa” or “resistors.” Sometimes it comes from their television and their newspapers.  

When almost 60% of Americans recognize that the major media news organizations exaggerate and fabricate news stories about our President, it is another indication that our system is broken and our media is failing us.

The unintended consequence of the media’s treatment of the President is that support for the President becomes less vocal, but it doesn’t go away.