The Preseason is upon us...

It is late August, the time of year that has been called the “silly season!"  Journalists are buzzing, numbers are coming in, competition is growing, and the race to the top has viewers tuning in nightly to catch the newest progress their frontrunner has made.  What time are we talking about?   The start of Pre-season FOOTBALL!  What's that?  You thought we were discussing presidential politics?  We can't judge you for that, because it turns out that pre-season football scores and presidential polling six months away from the first caucus and primary (and 15 months away from the 2016 general election) are both pretty similar.

 While all of us political junkies are stalking polling numbers six months before the first primary, I've been watching the Eagles win the first two games of the preseason.  But just like those polling numbers aren't really relevant yet, neither is my favorite team's winning record during the pre-season, when most teams haven't even brought out their starters. 

For example, exactly four years ago, Politico, and George Washington University commissioned a national poll of 1000 respondents, from August 28-September 1, 2011. The poll found that among 8 Republican candidates, 36% of respondents would choose Rick Perry as the Republican Nominee for President, followed by Mitt Romney at 17%, Michelle Bachmann at 10%, Ron Paul at 10%, and the rest in single digits.   We all know how that turned out.

Now, if you're a Giants fan, like my boss Adam is, you know that having a lead early on, really doesn't mean much.  Just last year, the New York Giants had a 5-0 winning record in the preseason (including the Hall of Fame game), and ended up having a not-so-winning record of 6-10 in the regular season.  That 5-0 sure looks a lot prettier, but it doesn't get you into the Super Bowl (#realtalk).

So what does that mean for this year's Pre-Season presidential polling?  Same thing as it means in football: don't jump on any bandwagons just yet, because the real action hasn’t even started.

P.S.  Adam just read this and reminded me that when the Giants won their last Superbowl in 2011, their record in the preseason was a very mediocre 2-2.  While this is just another example where the pre-season had nothing to do with the real season, I guess since he is the boss I will let him have the last word.   (For now...)