An Intern's Voice: Perseverance, Politics, Perspective

Interning at National Research has been the first opportunity I have had to work in a professional setting and do hands on work that benefits the entire office.

Coming into this position, there were some aspects of the work place that I was expecting, and others that I was not. What I was certain about, was that I would become a part of a team whose primary goal is accurate data. As I have heard Adam Geller say many times, “the numbers, are the numbers, are the numbers.” 

What I did not expect when starting my internship was how friendships are made in this business that are lasting and enduring, often times regardless of the political stripe that one wears on their sleeve during business hours.

One event in which I was able to see the strength of camaraderie first hand was at a fundraiser for a man named Rob Cressen.  Rob Cressen was one of the top operatives for the GOP and a well established tri-athlete before he was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) which put his life on a different course as he has not been able to live the life he was once accustomed to. It hit home when I learned that Rob used to be a beach lifeguard, just as I am now.

To be able to meet Rob and see how much perseverance he has to fight this disease was very motivational. Rob is a brave guy who is fighting the disease with everything he has – just like the athlete he always was and still is.

It was also great to see all of the support he had from his friends and colleagues both Republican and Democrat.  It was very eye opening to see that the people who work in politics are easy to connect with and have close friends just like any other person does. 

Working at National Research has put the world of politics into a different perspective for me. I now know how much information goes into a campaign or for that matter, a corporation that wants to offer a new product or increase their slice of the market share.   

But just as importantly, it is going to events like the one that was held for Rob, where I was able to see that even in a business that can be cut-throat like this one, that we still hold the same values – including friendship, loyalty, and  forging connections with someone that are deep and meaningful to last.

The most important lesson of all though, was probably one that Rob Cressen taught me, even though he may not realize it. He taught me that no matter what, you keep fighting with grace and courage regardless of what life may through your way. That’s the way Rob is doing it and it is definitely something that I will remember as one of the most important and valuable lessons I learned during my internship. 

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