Eat, Pray, Cure: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It starts with a lump, maybe so small you don’t notice it at first.  Something prompts you to visit a doctor’s office, and you are written a referral for a mammogram.  You could be referred for this because of age, family history, or maybe you have felt the lump and are concerned about it.  You have the mammogram, maybe a biopsy, and then you wait.  There will be times where waiting will have felt like the hardest part of the whole process, regardless of the testing or the pain you might be in, but then you get a phone call.  You go back to the doctor, and you hear the words, “You have Breast Cancer.”  At that point, your world comes crashing down, and it is likely, that those who love you and care about you are left with the same feeling of uncertainty, fear, and sorrow.  You begin to gear up, for a fight you know that not everyone wins, but hope for yourself, your family, and your friends, that you will get through it. 

Every two minutes, one case of breast cancer is officially diagnosed.  A fact that many people know, is that 1 out of every 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime; A fact that is lesser known, is that for every 100 female Breast Cancer diagnoses, 1 man hears those awful words. 

National Research Inc. is a proud supporter of raising Breast Cancer Awareness, and is not just a company that sticks a pink ribbon on their site and calls it a day.  When I began working here, it was with the knowledge that raising awareness was a passion of mine, due to family members and friends who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, with many who have survived, but many who have been lost.  Nearly every year since 2009, I have walked 60 miles for Breast Cancer, and have since raised over $11,500 for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, in Philadelphia.  Since I started my career at National Research Inc, they have helped me raise these funds, for a non-profit organization that I believe in.  The funds raised by Susan G. Komen go towards research, treatment, screening, and education.  For a breakdown in how the funds are dispersed, please view the following graphic:

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure is more to me, and my family and friends than just a walk in the park.  It is hope, strength, and perhaps the boldest commitment someone can make in the face of breast cancer, next to the chemotherapy, radiation, and every day fight that comes with a diagnosis.  I am walking in 2016, for my grandmother, my mother, my sisters, my coworkers, friends, and family.  In order to walk, I must raise $2300 for the Cure.  Will you stand by me, and help me raise the funds I need to walk this walk?   To donate, go to