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Adam Geller is the founder and CEO of the Republican polling firm, National Research Inc. The year 2014 marks his 21st year as a political consultant.

Adam is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's pollster. He served in this capacity for the Governor's initial 2009 campaign when he defeated incumbent Jon Corzine, despite being massively outspent, as well as his historic 2013 re-election, when he garnered 60% of the vote in a deep blue state.

In 2014, Adam is serving as one of the lead pollsters for the Republican Governor's Association (RGA). In this capacity, he is polling Gubernatorial races in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Connecticut, among other states.

Adam continues to poll for long-time congressional clients around the country, including US House Members Steve Southerland (R-FL); David Schweikert (R-AZ); Tim Walberg (R-MI); Leonard Lance (N-NJ) and Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ). This year he is working for congressional challengers including David Trott (R-MI) and Tom MacArthur (R-NJ).

Other clients for whom Adam continues to poll and advise include the National Republican Congressional Committee, (NRCC) the Club for Growth, the JW Pope Civitas Institute, and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

In 2012, a year when many Republican pollsters were "off," political blogger Nate Silver cited National Research for their accurate polling in the Presidential campaign and Gubernatorial campaign in North Carolina.

In addition to his political work, Adam conducts survey research, focus and dial groups and strategic consulting for major corporations and firms in the energy, financial, telecommunications, tobacco, gaming, and retail industries.

Adam is a regular guest and panelist on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

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